A family session should be an enjoyable and a memory building experience. Let Shannon help you plan every detail from clothing and accessories to locations. Shannon understands that family sessions can be very stressful (especially for mammas) and she can help you put your family ease. She is there to capture your connections, your love and playfulness with each other. The moment you can let go and just be with each other, hug, cuddle and laugh with each other, you will be released of the "family session" stress and your children will feel relaxed too. Kids will be kids, they don't like to pose for photos - they are expressing their autonomy. Let them help guide this session and they will not only cooperate but will look forward to being a part of them for years to come.


If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that life is precious, relationships are cherished and these sentiments need to be captured forever.

I have limited number of evenings through 2021 available for family sessions. Please see my calendar below for availability. Please note that any Family I (30 min) session dates prior to May 2021 will be in San Jose area only. Family II or III sessions are available in any Bay area locations during the whole year. For pricing please see my Investment page. More sessions may open up in the Brentwood/Easty Bay area after May - Please check back!

Family I Session (30 mins)

Family II Session (60 min)

Family III Session (60 min extended family)

family of 3
family playing
family of 3
family at the beach
mother and kids
couple in vineyard
siblings cactus garden
couple at beach
girl in grass
family playing at beach
father and son in grass
family on a farm
kids playing in grass
family at beach
family in grasses